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    The following are my PhD publications. For more up-to-date research in my lab, please visit the Precognition Lab website.
  1. The Garden of Forking Paths: Towards Multi-Future Trajectory Prediction
    Junwei Liang, Lu Jiang, Kevin Murphy, Ting Yu, Alexander Hauptmann
    CVPR 2020  
  2. Peeking into the Future: Predicting Future Person Activities and Locations in Videos
    Junwei Liang, Lu Jiang, Juan Carlos Niebles, Alexander Hauptmann, Li Fei-Fei
    CVPR 2019 (Translated and reported by multiple Chinese media (量子位 & 机器之心, 02/13/2019), with 30k+ views in a week.)
    #1 Tensorflow-based code on PaperWithCode in Trajectory Prediction task.
  3. Multi-dataset Training of Transformers for Robust Action Recognition
    Junwei Liang, Enwei Zhang, Jun Zhang, Chunhua Shen
    NeurIPS 2022 (Spotlight paper, 3.7% acceptance rate, 384/10411)
  4. Text-Adaptive Multiple Visual Prototype Matching for Video-Text Retrieval
    Chengzhi Lin, Ancong Wu, Junwei Liang, Jun Zhang, Wenhang Ge, Wei-Shi Zheng, Chunhua Shen
    NeurIPS 2022  
  5. Stargazer: A transformer-based driver action detection system for intelligent transportation
    Junwei Liang, He Zhu, Enwei Zhang, Jun Zhang
    CVPRW 2022  
    #2 (out of 150 teams) on the public leaderboard of the Naturalist Driver Action Recognition Task - AI City Challenge @ CVPR 2022.
  6. MSNet: A Multilevel Instance Segmentation Network for Natural Disaster Damage Assessment in Aerial Videos
    Xiaoyu Zhu, Junwei Liang, Alexander Hauptmann
    WACV 2021  
    Reported by CMU news
  7. SimAug: Learning Robust Representations from Simulation for Trajectory Prediction
    Junwei Liang, Lu Jiang, Alexander Hauptmann
    ECCV 2020  
  8. Shooter Localization Using Social Media Videos
    Junwei Liang, Jay Aronson, Alexander Hauptmann
    ACM Multimedia (MM) 2019
    (Press coverage: , , , , , , , , , )
  9. Focal Visual-Text Attention for Memex Question Answering
    Junwei Liang, Lu Jiang, Liangliang Cao, Yannis Kalantidis, Li-Jia Li, and Alexander Hauptmann
    TPAMI 2019
  10. Focal Visual-Text Attention for Visual Question Answering
    Junwei Liang, Lu Jiang, Liangliang Cao, Li-Jia Li, and Alexander Hauptmann
    CVPR 2018 (Spotlight Paper, 6.8% acceptance rate)
  11. An Event Reconstruction Tool for Conflict Monitoring Using Social Media
    Junwei Liang, Desai Fan, Han Lu, Poyao Huang, Jia Chen, Lu Jiang, and Alexander Hauptmann
    AAAI 2017 Demo
  12. Webly-Supervised Learning of Multimodal Video Detectors
    Junwei Liang, Lu Jiang, and Alexander Hauptmann
    AAAI 2017 Demo
  13. Learning to Detect Concepts from Webly-Labeled Video Data
    Junwei Liang, Lu Jiang, Deyu Meng, and Alexander Hauptmann
    IJCAI 2016
  14. Video Description Generation using Audio and Visual Cues
    Qin Jin, and Junwei Liang
    ICMR 2016
  15. Temporal Localization of Audio Events for Conflict Monitoring in Social Media
    Junwei Liang, Lu Jiang and Alexander Hauptmann
    ICASSP 2017
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