I am an assistant professor at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou campus) in the AI Thrust. I am also an affiliate assistant professor at HKUST computer science & engineering department. I am interested in building AI systems that can understand and predict human behaviors. Please see these projects for an overview. My mission: develop AI technologies for social good.
Prior to joining HKUST-GZ, I was a senior researcher at Tencent Youtu Lab working with Chunhua Shen, where we landed commercial AI products in tens-of-millions-RMB-scale projects. I previously graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, where I was advised by Alexander Hauptmann. My Ph.D. and research work were mostly funded by IARPA, NIST and NSF grants. I was a research intern at Google AI multiple times and collaborated with Lu Jiang, Liangliang Cao, Jia Li and Kevin Murphy. I obtained my undergraduate degree from RUC, advised by Qin Jin.
Research Group (Lab website:
Our group, the Precognition Lab (智能感知与预测研究组), is interested in building human-level AI systems. We focus on machine perception of human activities and the world, jointly with machine prediction of unseen future states. We believe in order to enable machines to understand and behave like humans, we should build world models with common sense knowledge that could aid intelligent agents in making action decisions. As a first step, sequential data (like that of videos) perception and prediction are important research topics to tackle.
I have multiple fully-funded Ph.D. and research assistant/intern positions available. Please checkout potential projects and this letter if you are interested in joining our group. 招生文: [知乎] [小红书]
For fellow assistant professors and Ph.D. students, I have gathered some awesome lists of resources that may be useful for your success. See here and feel free to contribute on Github. If you want to meet, check out my public calendar first and propose a meeting via email.
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